Bogadent Tartar Remover Dog

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Bogadent Tartar Remover Dog


Bogadent Tartar Remover Dog from Bogar are 2 different instruments which are ideal to remove tartar very effectively, yet are still gentle on the teeth.

If plaque is not regularly removed through daily cleaning of the teeth, it forms hard tartar, particularly around the canines and the molars. This can cause permanent damage to the gums and the periodontium. Tartar should thus be removed as early as possible and on a regular basis. For this purpose, Bogar has developed the unique Bogadent Tartar Remover in collaboration with veterinary surgeons and specialists. The particularly hard plastic removes tartar very effectively, yet is still gentle on the teeth. 2 different instruments made of special hard plastic for effectively and gently removing of tartar.

Get your pet used to teeth-cleaning and oral hygiene as soon as possible, be extremely gentle and introduce as much play as possible to ensure care is effective.

Place the longer instrument with the flat, bevelled end on the upper edge of the tartar (1) and pull it downwards with a quick but careful movement (away from the gums); repeat until the tartar has been entirely removed. With the pointed instrument, you can remove the tartar from the interdental spaces and in the furrows of the teeth (2). Because of its greater curvature, the flat end of this instrument is ideally suited for the inner areas of the tooth.


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