Betadine Shampoo for disinfecting the skin

  • Betadine Shampoo for disinfecting the skin

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Betadine antiseptic shampoo is a skin cleaning disinfectant for external use as well as a hair shampoo with germicidal properties.
It kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and other infective -
inducing pathogens from.

Betadine antiseptic shampoo is used for disinfecting skin cleansing with eczema, redness and inflammated, skin, greasy skin, and the cleaning and disinfection of the hair and the scalp in diseases of the skin under the fur. Exclusively on the physician's prescription is Betadine antiseptic cleanser for skin fungi


Dosage / Application

How do you use Betadine antiseptic shampoo.
Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, contact
You Betadine antiseptic cleanser as follows.
Disinfectant for skin cleaning skin well moistened.
Some Betadine antiseptic cleanser to the
provide to be treated and with the finger or a
clean cotton swab foam. Foam 1-3 minutes
Leave on.

Active ingredient 7.5 mg iodine as povidone - iodine per 1 ml of wash lotion.
Auxiliary soaps (detergents) and other excipients.

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