De-Matting Comb for dogs

  • De-Matting Comb for dogs

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This de-matting comb for long-haired dogs is ideal for removing knotted or tangled hair from your dogs coat without causing any pain. Features a rubberised handle and a thumb support for user grip and control.

The Dematting Comb is designed to remove matting from your pet's coat, with minimal damage and loss to the coat length.  The blades are specifically shaped for effective cutting and feature small teeth which collect loose hair.  The dematting comb is recommended for use on pets with long or thick coats and those with double coats.

  • for easy detangling and thinning, breaks through and removes tough knots and matts.
  • Includes thumb protection.
  • plastic handle with non-slip rubber inlay
  • for top coat and base coat care

For best results use the de-matting comb only when the coat is dry, because wet or damp hair can easily break.

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