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Spascupreel ampoules


Spasms in the organs of the smooth musculature (stomach,  intestine,  gall  bladder, uterus and urinary tract); spasticity of the striated musculature (myogelosis, hardening of the muscles).


Injection Solution 1.1 ml, also for oral use.

Injection  solution:  1  ampoule  of  1.1  ml  (=  1.1  g)  contains:  Citrullus  colocynthis  D4, Ammonium  bromatum  D4,  Atropinum  sulfuricum  D6,  Veratrum  album  D6,  Magnesium phosphoricum D6, Gelsemium sempervirens D6 1.1 mg each; Passiflora incarnata D2, Agaricus D4, Chamomilla recutita D3, Cuprum sulfuricum D6 0.55 mg each; Aconitum napellus D6 2.2 mg.

 First trimenon of pregnancy. Hypersensivity to Chamomilla or botanicals of the daisy (compositae) family

Side effects:
 Allergic skin reactions may occur in rare cases.

No Interaction with other medications known

Package sizes:
Injection solution: Packs containing 10 or 50 ampoules of 1.1 ml each.



Instructions for use, route and duration of administration:
Heel Spascupreel is to be administered oral or by s.c. or i.v. injection.

According to species, the daily single dosage is as follows:
Horse, cattle, swine: 5 ml
Piglet: 2–3 ml
Sheep, goat: 2 ml
Large dog: 3–4 ml
Medium dog: 2 ml
Small dog, cat: 1–2 ml
Puppy: 0.5–1 ml
Small pets: 0.5 ml
In cases with acute symptoms, the indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 24 hours. For  treatment  of  disorders  with  tendencies  to  recur,  chronic  affections  or  long-term treatment, the indicated single dosage can be administered at 4-day intervals

Heel ampoules may be used for injection (subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous),  taken  orally  or  injected  to  acupuncture  points,  individually  or can be combined  with  other  Heel  injection  solutions.  The  normal  dosage  is  2  or  3  times  a week, in severe cases daily, sometimes several times a day, if recommended by a Vet, until improvement.
The advantages of an oral application of the ampoules, are  convenience  and  lack  of  complications since the  customer  himself  can  do this.

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