Homeovet Fell- Coat Cure for dogs

  • Homeovet Fell- Coat Cure for dogs

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Homeovet Fell- Cure is a combination of cold-pressed natural oils that are not refined.

Fell - Cure is used for dull coat, broken hair, dry hair, dandruff, bald spots and excessive hair loss. These phenomena are mainly caused by too little quality oils (eg. omega 3 fatty acids)  in the diet of dogs.


100% vegetable oil, and linseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil and walnut oil.

Vitamins A. D. E. F. as a complex, omega 3 fatty acids and lecithin.



Small dogs, one teaspoon per day.

Large and medium-sized dogs a tablespoon per day.

Shake well before use

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