Homeovet Hormonal supports the hormone balance in mares

  • Homeovet Hormonal supports the hormone balance in mares

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Homeovet Hormonal supports the hormone balance in mares

Horses whose hormonal balance is disturbed are showing their discomfort often in a reluctance to work over the back, tail swishing and even kicking or bucking. This special herbal mixture supports the hormone balance and helps your horse to relax and concentrate on work.

Homeovet Hormonal contains Vitex agnus castus, also known as Chastetree berry, chasteberry or Monk's Pepper, a most effective, safe, and popular herbal remedy with hormone-balancing action.
Support of the progesterone level is extremely helpful in counteracting the irritability and unpredictability that can happen with mares “in season,” making them more comfortable, co-operative and safer to handle. Agnus Castus can also be used for overly aggressive stallions and geldings with riggy' behaviour. Agnus castus may benefit mares who are experiencing mood changes, anxiety, stress, nervous tension, and physical discomfort related to oestrous cycle.

Agnus castus, Meliloti, Urtica, fennel, rosehip granules (for fussy feeders)

Natural vitamins B1.B2B6.C

Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc,

Produced for Homeovet


Feeding Instructions:

Horses every day a handful, mix through the feed.
Ponies daily 1/2 handful, mix through the feed

Not recommended for pregnant mares, and it is recommended to discontinue use on broodmares two months prior to covering.

Hormonal has been tested with success on the HomeoVet Testcentrum

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