Homeovet Itch-away Spray , Itch relief Spray for horses

  • Homeovet Itch-away Spray , Itch relief Spray for horses

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Itch-relief spray is a great, steroid-free natural anti-itch lotion for all skin irritations on horses. Contains insect repellent and skin-care ingredients, soothes irritated skin
Sweet itch is a condition in horses caused by an allergy to the saliva of biting midges (Culicoides). When a sensitive horse is bitten by a midge, its skin soon becomes irritated and itchy. The horse tries to rub this area, inflicting damage on itself.

Spray Itch- relief in the morning and evening on the affected skin areas, it will rapidly stop itching and rubbing

Contains insect repellant  and skin care 100% pure essential oils.

Use Eczema sheets designed or modified to extend at least halfway down the horse's tail, thereby covering areas that gnats especially like to attack.
Add cider vinegar to the horse's feed. (homeovet 100% Bio cider vinegar)
combine with the dietary supplement  Itch Away Herbs or Herbasan Horse for a metabolic activation.



Simply apply the spray to all sore and raw areas. If you are applying to an area with hair, rub it in well and ensure that the product reaches the skin.
Repeat the treatment if necessary several times a day.

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