Pestigon Spot On Dog 20 - 40 kg - Fipronil

  • Pestigon Spot On Dog 20 - 40 kg  - Fipronil

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Pestigon Spot On Dog is a new Fipronil spot-on solution for external use on dogs against fleas and ticks.

Description: Pestigon Spot On Dog is for the treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas and ticks and as part of a treatment for flea allergy dermatitis, where this has been previously diagnosed by a Vet. Also for the control of infestations of biting lice on dogs.

Dosage Guide: 1 pipette per dog

Recommended Frequency of Use:

  • For the treatment and prevention of fleas use every 5 weeks.
  • For the treatment and prevention of ticks, and if part of treatment for flea allergy dermatitis use every 4 weeks.

The insecticidal activity against a re-infestation with fleas is maintained for up to 6 weeks.

Effect of up to 4 weeks against ticks and floodplain of up to 3 weeks against brown dog ticks.

Not in dogs aged less than 2 months and / or with a body weight less than 20 kg.

Each pipette of 2.68 ml contains:
Active ingredient (s):
268.00 mg fipronil
Other ingredients:
Butylated hydroxyanisole (E320) 0.536 mg
Butylated hydroxytoluene (E321) 0.268 mg


For external use only on the skin.
1 pipette of 2.68 ml is sufficient for the treatment of a dog with a body weight of 20 to 40 kg, which corresponds to the minimum recommended dose of 6.7 mg fipronil / kg body weight.

The minimum interval between two treatments should be not less than 4 weeks.

Part the fur of your dog in the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the pipette tip to the skin and compress the pipette several times to empty the entire contents in the form of a drop on this area of the skin

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