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Petstages Orkakat Wiggle Worm
Petstages Orkakat Wiggle Worm
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Weight: Wiggle Worm

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Petstages Orkakat Wiggle Worm


The Petstages Orkakat Wiggle Worm is made of a synthetic rubber material that is lightweight and durable. The unique Orka material is infused with catnip for a long lasting, kitten-pleasing scent. Textured surface helps promote good dental health as your kitty plays and chews. Made of non-toxic durable synthetic rubber that flops and wiggles as your cat plays and you will notice that your kitten loves to carry this wiggly worm around.

  • Infused with catnip
  • Textured surface massages gums while kitty chews
  • Made of non-toxic durable synthetic rubber
  • Floppy material adds wiggly movement

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