Proline Petfood Boxby Bone Snack

  • Proline Petfood Boxby Bone Snack

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Weight:100 gram

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The Boxby Bone Snack is made of dried rawhide with tops of dried chicken breast on each side. Chewing on the Bone Snack is good for your dog's teeth. It is also easy to digest, which makes it the perfect snack as well as a great supplement to your dog's diet.

Meat and animal derivatives (95% chicken), vegetable protein extracts, minerals.

Crude protein 75.0%
Crude fat 3.0%
Crude ash 4.0%
Crude fiber 0.35%
Moisture 18.0%

Not suitable for dogs less than 1 year!


Small dog: 1 piece
Medium-sized dog (up to 15 kg): 2 piece 1à

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