Stassek Quickstar - Special detergent for leather and wool

  • Stassek Quickstar - Special detergent for leather and wool

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Stassek Quickstar

  • Special detergent for leather and wool,
  • for well ventilated and waterproof garment,
  • for , silk, fleece, fur...
  • Horse rugs and dog beds

Wash, hang up to dry – and be happy!

Quickstar, a phosphate-free re-greasing special detergent, is especially designed for delicate fabrics, as e.g. leather or leather-coated clothes. It is ideal for washing leatherjackets, motorcycle clothes, breeches, car seat, baby and other fleeces, silk, wool, neoprene, special high-tech fabrics and micro-fibres.

Quickstar washes your breathable and waterproof horse rugs without making them loose their special properties. Down-filled jackets, sleeping bags and bedclothes can be washed without any problems or going lumpy. Woollens won’t become felted. They look like new after washing.
Quickstar can also be used as a very mild detergent for other laundry, like delicate lingerie.



Quickstar is suitable for hand or machine washing.

In case of machine washing use the programme for delicate fabrics up to 30 °C. Or see manufacturer’s washing instructions in the garment. Quickstar cleans your washing even in the cold-wash programme. Use short spin cycle for machine wash, no spinning for neoprene. Quickstar is very economic in use. A maximum of about three spoonfuls per washing will do.

Hand washing: Don’t wring, only squeeze out lightly.

Let the washing dry completely at room temperature. You can take away the typical drying stiffness of the leather by tumbling it. Down can be dried at low temperature (up to 50 °C) until it is just slightly damp (= rotary iron dry on the setting of the tumbler). Shake well after drying.

Available sizes: 250 ml – 500 ml – 2 l

Stassek DIVERSIT - Quickstar Special detergent for leather and wool

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