Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 101 Hip dysplasia

  • Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 101 Hip dysplasia

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SC 101 Coxae is used in the treatment of hip dysplasia and coxarthrosis.

case Study
A six-year-old boxer dog suffered for about two months from a high level of motion stiffness. There was already a muscle atrophy. The knee joint was without specific findings. The animal owner gave the oral dosage form of the combination in the drinking water. After about a week,  the condition of lameness improved. After about three weeks for the animal owner was hardly a lameness to see. The formerly diseased limb has been changed back to normal.


In the case of a series of important indications, we are able, with established homeopathic remedy combinations, to induce what we call “healing”. It is true that in many cases the organism is not able to accomplish a total anatomic restitution, but freedom of symptoms and restoration of a sense of well-being are achieved.

Harpagophytum procumbens C 6 1 g
KALI CARB C 12 1 g
Phosphorus 12 C 1 g


Dogs, Cats 5 - 10 drops.

The repetition of the dose will depend on the disease course. In general, are the drops of 1 week to the drinking water or the food, then about 2 x per week.

Dosage globules.

5-10 Globoli directly in the mouth, over the feed or via the DRINKING WATER.
For acute complaints 2-3 day `s 5-7 days.
In chronic complaints 1-2 day `s 4-6 weeks.
Whom the healing occurs, halve the dosage and adjust anschliesend.

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