Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 104 Vertebra degenerative and inflammatory diseases

  • Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 104 Vertebra degenerative and inflammatory diseases

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In case of degenerative and inflammatory diseases with pain in the spine and in the adjacent areas as well as rheumatic and neuralgic pain we have SC 104 Vertebra, a combination of Harpagophytum, Kalmia and Fabiana imbricata.

Muscle - and joint pain. Specific effects on
Muscles and joints, especially in cold, wet weather, wet locations and direct exposure to moisture. All complaints are caused or aggravated by cold and wet. Improves heat.

Pichi Pichi
Restricting movement in the spine. Intervertebral disc degeneration.
Toxicodendron quercifolium. Acute muscle and joint pain.
Forced to constantly move easily despite pain.

case Study
A boxer bitch, six years, fell ill for the first time  with stiffness of the back after a walk in a cold downpour. As no improvement occurred after two days, the dog was presented in practice. The history revealed that she no longer rolled up while sleeping and was always elongated. Because a dog from the same litter of four years old was suffering  from spondylosis, we not only gave Dulcamara, the agent for many ailments
by wet and cold influences is helpful, but the combination, which also contains Pichi Pichi and Toxicodendron quercifolium. the state of disease improved sustainable. The animal rolls over in his sleep again, is jumping over ditches and shows no symptoms that suggest vertebrae damage.


In the case of a series of important indications, we are able, with established homeopathic remedy combinations, to induce what we call “healing”. It is true that in many cases the organism is not able to accomplish a total anatomic restitution, but freedom of symptoms and restoration of a sense of well-being are achieved.

Fabiana imbricata (Pichi Pichi) C 6 1 g
Solanum dulcamara C 6 1 g
Quercifolium Toxicodendron 12 C 1 g


5-10 drops in drinking water. Repetition of treatment depends on the course of sickness: As a rule, daily for a week, thereafter twice a week. When recovering, less often.

Keep locked and at room temperature. Protect from light

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