Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 118 Incontinentia Urinae

  • Supra Cell Homeopathy for Pets SC 118  Incontinentia Urinae

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Urinary incontinence is a widespread problem in male dogs and bitches after surgery, but with SC 118 Incontinentia Urinae it can be effectively treated.

Involuntary urination, unnoticed, especially when coughing or
Niesen.Auch in the first sleep. Incontinence after surgery, failure to control bladder, paralysis of the bladder muscles. Incontinence, bladder paralysis. Effect on the autonomic nervous bladder and rectum. Blasensphinkterschwäche.

Excerpts of images of medicinal ingredients

Ferrum phos
Frequent urination piece, involuntary coughing, complaints before urinating.

Urinary tract infections, irritable bladder.

Populus tremuloides
Organ specificity of bladder and urinary tract. Blasenkatarrhe, acute and chronic cystitis. Consequences of Prostatahypertrophie.Urethritis, urinary disorders in pregnant, dribbling in the dog.

case Study
A mixed breed dog, seven years is presented in practice because of an existing urinary urgency and incontinence for weeks. There is a strong urge to urinate, pain during urination as well.

Treatment was with drops from the o.g. Ingredients in
the powers of C 6, C 8, C 6, C performed 6 and managed within a week. Another therapy was not attempted. Setter, two years after ovariohysterectomy only just licking the shame, then the finding that on the occasion of bronchitis squirts urine during coughing. This is a typical sign of Causticum. I was also once an Arabian mare who was "hosing of urine when coughing," for years the same symptom, heal within two weeks. Finally, the losing dog urine was much improved in his state until then the totally stopped incontinence after ca.drei weeks by administration of the said combination product.


In the case of a series of important indications, we are able, with established homeopathic remedy combinations, to induce what we call “healing”. It is true that in many cases the organism is not able to accomplish a total anatomic restitution, but freedom of symptoms and restoration of a sense of well-being are achieved.

Causticum H. C 6 1 g
Ferrum phos C 8 1 g
Petroselinum crispum C 6 1 g
Populus tremuloides C 6 1 g


Dogs, Cats 5 - 10 drops.

The repetition of the dose will depend on the disease course. In general, are the drops of 1 week to the drinking water or the food, then about 2 x per week.

Dosage globules.

5-10 Globoli directly in the mouth, over the feed or via the DRINKING WATER.
For acute complaints 2-3 day `s 5-7 days.
In chronic complaints 1-2 day `s 4-6 weeks.
Whom the healing occurs, halve the dosage and adjust anschliesend.

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