Virbac Allercalm Shampoo for damaged, itchy skin (Dogs & Cats)

  • Virbac Allercalm Shampoo for damaged, itchy skin (Dogs & Cats)

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ALLERCALM is a special shampoo with colloidal oat extract for the care of damaged itchy skin. The proven soothing and protective effect of colloidal oats is supplemented by valuable moisturizing, film-forming and restoring substances.

The efficiency of this shampoo is enhanced by two major technological innovations: Spherulites and Chitosanid.

The spherulites, developed by ALLERDERM, is a completely new capsule system to provide an evenly sustained and controlled release of ingredients on the skin surface.
Chitosanid is a natural biopolymer that forms a fine protective layer on the skin and skin surface (film-forming effect).

Thus the protective and restructuring properties of ALLERCALM are optimally amplified and soothe the skin.

Composition: Mild washing components, colloidal oat extract (2%) and glycerol (5%) in free form and encapsulated (Spherulites), with pH 7 Chitosanid

ALLERCALM serves as a supportive measure in the treatment of itchy and inflamed skin in dogs and cats.



Application: Shake well before using. Apply ALLERCALM to wet fur. Evenly distribute on the coat and massage until it foams, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Leave in for 5 - 10 minutes before rinsing, repeat.

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