Virbac Hexarinse dental care

  • Virbac Hexarinse dental care

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Virbac Hexarinse is a refreshing and pleasant tasting rinsing solution containing chlorhexidine gluconate. The anti - microbial activity of chlorhexidine helps prevent tooth and gum disease.

Chlorhexidine inhibits the formation of bacterial plaque (plaque).

Dental plaque is a coating on teeth that are not cleaned regularly. Dental plaque is about the color of tooth enamel, which is why it is often not noticed by pet owners. Plaque adheres particularly where no mechanical cleaning takes place through the chewing process. It consists mostly of bacteria and their degradation products. ,

If plaque is not removed regularly, the first white tartar turns brownish over time and is then detected by the owners

Hexarinse is a great mouth rinse to use on your dog and cat to keep the breath smelling fresh. Use Hexarinse to keep your dog and cat's breath smelling fresh

Hexarinse is a soothing, refreshing and palatable rinse containing chlorhexidine which aids in the prevention of gum and tooth disease. It will leave your pet with fresh breath while providing temporary relief of gum irritations.

Dosage rinse daily following each meal.

Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.12% in an alcoholic solution


Flushing the mouth of the dog or the cat out daily, after meals. Unless the vet has ordered it otherwise

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